Conference Registration


  • Gala dinner Thursday 28th February: 20:30h (dress code – semi-formal)
    • Two members from each school are invited by NABSS. Additional places are 90,00 Euros per person.
  • Tour of Valencia and visit to “Museo Fallero” Friday 1st March 16:00h to 19:00h
    • Two members from each school are invited by NABSS. Additional places will be charged the corresponding price (pending confirmation).
  • Annual General Meeting (Saturday 2nd March 09:30h)
    • Maximum two participants registered representatives from each school.
  • Keynote presentations for school representatives (Friday 1st March 12:15 to 14:15, Saturday 2nd March 15:00 to 16:30 and Sunday 3rd March 9:30 to 11:00)
    • Two members from each school (if you wish to send more than two, please name a “reserve”. The place will be confirmed if space is available)

Professional Development Courses

Schools can initially register one delegate for five of the nine Courses but they may also include the names of reserve delegates for any or all of the remaining courses.

If available, places will be assigned to the reserve delegates after the registration period is closed.

Courses two to nine are limited to 30 places whereas places on course one are limited to 65.

Courses are assigned on a first come first served basis. Schools are requested to book the courses with the name of the teachers attending as the first option and the reserve options by the 16th of January 2019. The reserve delegates will be confirmed by Friday 18th of January.

These Courses are funded through each school’s “bonificaciones”, that is, the courses are paid for and then refunded to the school from reductions in the social security payments (TC1/2) Delegates must attend for both days and sign the workshop attendance form at the end of the session on Sunday at 12 noon. Failure to do this will result in the funding from the TC1/2 not being available.

  1. Training Course 1: “Building Resilience, Emotional Health and Creativity of Young Children and the Adults who work with them” Jenny Mosley. (For EYFS leaders and teachers).
  2. Training Course 2: “Leadership: Living Life on the Edge” Karine George. (For leaders in all phases).
  3. Training Course 3: “Spoon Feed No More” Alan Jervis. (For primary teachers).
  4. Training Course 4: “Effective English Teaching in the Secondary School” Pamela Fisher. (For secondary English teachers).
  5. Training Course 5: “Highly Practical Ways to Ensure Success for Everyone in Computing (and Computer Science)” Alan O’Donohoe. (For teachers of computing in all phases).
  6. Training Course 6: “The Ultimate SEN Day” Andrew Farbridge. (For teachers and support staff in all phases).
  7. Training Course 7: “Cutting-Edge Marking and Feedback Strategies” Steve Garnett. (For primary teachers).
  8. Training Course 8: “New 9-1 GCSEs: Evidence-Based Practice to Improve Memory, Retention and Recall for Knowledge Exams “Dave Taylor. (For secondary teachers).
  9. Training Course 9: “Teaching EAL in the Mainstream Classroom” Peter Dawes. (For primary and secondary teachers).

Coffee breaks on Saturday and Sunday, lunch on Saturday and the Saturday evening cocktail are provided for delegates in the exhibition hall. NABSS covers the cost of these for the two school representatives and up to five workshop delegates.

If schools are assigned places to their reserve delegates, they will be requested to pay 60€ for their sixth and any further delegates, to cover the cost of refreshments.

This booking form is open from Wednesday, 12th December 2018 to Wednesday, 16th January 2019.

Telephone: 91 550 01 23