2022 NABSS Conference

Moving Forward Together

Welcome from the NABSS President

Welcome, on behalf of the NABSS executive committee, to our 44th annual conference. This conference is already a very special event as it represents our return to normality after being obliged to hold our 43rd annual conference in an online format. We have chosen the simple title “Moving Forward Together” and we certainly want this conference to be all about moving forward and looking into the future. In particular, we would like to take advantage of the fact that the disruption over the last two years has led to a considerable amount of revision and re-thinking of methods and priorities. We have looked at different ways of delivering lessons, we have raised important questions about assessment, and we have become more aware of the need to support wellbeing among our learners and teachers. As we return to “normality” it is useful to reflect on what we would like to be the same and what we would like to be different. We may even decide to press a few “reset buttons” and introduce a few significant changes in our schools. Therefore, we hope to provide you, above all, with inspiration and ideas at this event. We are pleased to be joined by some fascinating keynote speakers, such as Beau Lotto, Linda Cruse, Aatif Hassan, Meredith Reeve and Paul Ellis. We will, once again, enjoy a broad range of workshops provided for us by Dragonfly training and TA College, and the hub of our conference will be the busy exhibition hall with many providers of educational resources or services ready to help you introduce changes and improvements in your schools. Setting up this conference has kept quite a few people busy for many months and I would like to thank my fellow executive committee members, our supporting staff in ACADE, and our agency, Hatton, for all their work leading up to the event itself. I would also like to thank the organisations that support us, year after year: The British Council, the British Embassy in Madrid, the examination boards; Cambridge Assessment International and Pearson Education and the many companies that join us each year in the exhibition hall. Finally, thanks to you for attending the conference and helping us to make it a success. I sincerely hope that you take away something from this weekend which will genuinely help you to “Move Forward”, to improve your school, or your lessons, or your own personal or professional experiences.