NABSS Programas de Formación

Preparing for the Updated EYFS Curriculum

NABSS and ACADE are pleased to announce our exciting partnership with teaching assistant and early years experts, TA College, to offer a range of online professional development courses. The first available course, in April 2021, is a six hour programme on the updated Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. With a focus on practical strategies, research and best practice, each online course will be divided into three two-hour interactive sessions, in order to fit around your busy schedule.

Session 1: Key changes to the EYFS curriculum document

Session 2: What makes good and excellent practice in Early Years

Session 3: Creating a development plan to meet the new requirements

The course is open to teachers and assistants from NABSS member schools and is led by Eva Cartwright and Emma Wynne.

Full details of how to apply to join this course can be found here

Dragonfly Training Courses

NABSS and ACADE, in conjunction with Dragonfly, are offering the following online courses throughout the months of March and April 2021:

  • Aspiring to Senior Leadership
  • Behaviour Management Masterclass
  • Staff Wellbeing During Challenging Times
  • How to be an Outstanding Middle Manager
  • A User’s Guide to Dual Coding and Cognitive Science
  • Accessibility and Challenge for All: Ensuring High Quality Differentiation in Blended Learning

Details of how teachers from NABSS member schools can apply to attend any of these courses can be found here

NABSS Early Years Programme

The aim of the NABSS Early Years Programme (EYP) is to prepare Early Years Practitioners for a full qualification. The 6 selected key units from the full CACHE Level 3 Diploma for the Early Years Workforce (Early Years Educator) are shown below.

On completion of the NABSS EYP, candidates will receive CACHE certification and a Teaching Assistant College Certificate to show completion of the NABSS programme.  These units can then be carried forward to complete the full qualification should they wish to do so.

Theme 1: Health and well-being

  • Supporting healthy lifestyles for children through the provision of food and nutrition

Theme 2: Legislation, Frameworks and Professional Practice

  • Understanding legislation relating to the safeguarding, protection and welfare of children

Theme 3: Play, development and learning for school readiness

  • Understanding the value of play in early years
  • Plan, lead and review play opportunities which support children’s learning and development
  • Promote enabling play environments
  • Promoting children’s personal, social and emotional development

Full details of how teaching assistants from NABSS member schools can apply for this course can be found here