Breakout Sessions Registration


  • “Planning the future: the role of the campus in the education of the future and the sustainability agenda” – JUSTO ORGAZ.
    • The objective of the presentation is to offer a strategic vision for the growth and improvement of educational Campuses.
      Both the worlds of education and building have undergone a major change in the last 20 years, and most of the private campuses that exist today were built before it happened. Addressing these changes with a localized vision on each of the issues (configuration of spaces, updating of facilities, digitization, growth, health and safety, sustainability…) does not usually lead to a major change, and in most cases you don’t get the best bang for your buck.In this presentation, we intend to offer the keys to a strategic vision that allows planning a long-term transformation capable of meeting changes in education, the new demands of families, the updating and conservation of facilities, the incorporation of new benefits – digitization, new demands for comfort and safety…- and alignment with the new global sustainability goals.
  • “Moving forward together: Exchange of Best practice within our Safeguarding Network. Practical Workshop for Safeguarding Leads” – SONJA ULHMANN, ANNA MEARS & OLGA ALONSO.

    • Come and join our safeguarding network for British schools workshop and share your professional experience with others working in a similar field. This workshop aims to share best practice related to safeguarding within the network, encourage collaboration between professionals, stimulate problem solving skills and help find creative solutions to overcome obstacles. The workshop will also provide a forum to make vital connections with offers working in the area of safeguarding within British schools in Spain.
  • “Can You Teach Happiness?” – ADRIAN BETHUNE. 
    • This one-hour talk will define what we mean by the terms happiness and wellbeing, before sharing research showing the link between happiness in childhood and adult life satisfaction. It will look at the link between wellbeing and attainment and share three evidence-based ideas for cultivating happiness in your schools: Creating Tribal Classrooms; Mindfulness; and Rewiring The Negativity Bias.
  • “Exceptional Outcomes By Creating Outstanding Teaching Assistants” – EVA CARTWRIGHT.
    • This session will look at simple strategies that can be implemented in school to enhance the impact of teaching assistants in the classroom. We will consider professional development opportunities, shaping a motivated team and creating strong teacher and TA working relationships to ultimately generate better outcomes for the children.
  • “Enhancing Future Learning Through AI” – JONATHAN GUNZI.
    • This session, aimed at school leaders and managers, will look at the role adaptive technology can play in our schools. It will consider how cloud based platforms, using artificial intelligence (AI) technology, cognitive neuroscience and big data insights can be used to make teachers’ lives easier and to engage students through a personalised learning experience.