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  • “Creating Lifelong Readers: Curriculum and Culture” Presenter James Clements.
    • Becoming a reader can be life changing.
      Repeated research has highlighted the academic benefits of reading for pleasure- the reading that students undertake because they choose to do it. Strong links have been found between reading widely and increased proficiency in reading, attainment in and positive attitudes to writing, a wider vocabulary, better spelling, wider academic achievement right across the curriculum, and even increased happiness and levels of empathy with others. But choosing to read can be hard: the modern world throws up many distractions competing for students’ attention.
      In this session, education researcher and author James Clements will share practical approaches to building an authentic reading culture in school. The session will illustrate the findings of academic research with examples of practice from high-performing schools to show how teachers and school leaders can support every student to become a lifelong reader, with all of the benefits that can bring.
  • “If teaching is your vocation, are you ready to help your students find theirs?” Presenter Mark Wilson.
    • Top schools and colleges in the UK and around the world increasingly offer vocational qualifications alongside A levels, IALs and IB to provide students with a broader and more balanced curriculum and greater range of progression opportunities into higher education and the workplace. This session will give a brief overview of the new BTEC L3 Internationals, the latest part of the world´s leading applied learning qualifications suite to be redeveloped, and available for first teaching at international schools in Spain from September 2020.
  • “Using the News to Inspire Young Minds” Presenter Katie Harrison.
    • Learn practical, fun and unique ideas to help motivate and engage both staff and children through the captivating and everchanging medium of news! Every school will receive a news poster pack and other resources to use back at school!
      For: Primary and secondary heads, senior leadership, teachers, teaching assistants.
  • “Breach Management in Schools” Presenter Melanie Hurley.
    • Breaches are a daily occurrence in all organisations. We’ll explore the types of breaches that can catch schools out and share best practice in tracking and managing breaches in a school environment.
  •  “High Impact EYFS”, presenter Eva Cartwright
    • An opportunity to review evidence of best practice within the Early Years Foundation Stage that generates impact throughout the school. Practices to embed within teams, teaching strategies to implement and a review of the positive results that can be generated from getting it right in the early years. This session will enable senior leaders and practitioners to begin developing an action plan of small changes that have the potential to make a significant impa