NABSS Regional Training

NABSS is keen to support its member schools in professional development and has created a fund that all member schools can apply for.

So that for as many schools as possible to benefit from the funds the money has been split in to four zones. The money for funding runs by calendar year (1st Jan-31st Dec)

  • Andalucía
  • Com. Valenciana
  • Madrid
  • The Rest of Spain
  • Extra workshop
  • 17 Schools
  • 18 Schools
  • 16 Schools
  • 25 Schools
  • All Schools
  • 2.000 Euros Max.
  • 2.000 Euros Max.
  • 2.000 Euros Max.
  • 2.000 Euros Max.
  • 2.000 Euros Max.

Criteria that must be met to receive funding from NABSS

  • The content and objectives of the training must be relevant to the professional development needs of British schools in Spain.
  • The minimum total number of teaching staff that must attend the training is 20 (the more staff the better).
  • Within this total, there must be a minimum of 10 teaching staff from NABSS member schools other than the host school.
  • All member schools in the autonomous region must have been invited.
  • The minimum number of member schools sending staff on training is three.
  • The training must last a minimum of 6 hours (This must be outlined in the content of the training program).
  • Only NABSS schools may attend training that is receiving funding from NABSS.
  • The school who is offering NABSS funded professional development, CANNOT charge additional fees to delegates/schools attending the training workshop. They may charge a nominal amount for food and drink. This must be very clearly defined in their application for funding to the NABSS committee

The Executive Committee will look at applications in date order of receipt. The deadline for applications is 31st October prior to the calendar year in which the training will take place.

The Executive Committee will confirm in November which schools will receive funding for the forthcoming calendar year.

Applications received later than 31st October for the following year will only be considered if any funding remains unassigned.

Once your training subsidy has been agreed, the following information must be emailed to

  1. Confirmation date of training.
  2. All schools sending staff must email with the names and job titles of each member of staff attending.
  3. The host school will pay all costs up front and send a copy of payment and invoice.

How to apply for Regional Training

Apply to with following information:

  1. A covering letter addressing all the points of the funding criteria

  2. An outline of the training program.
  3. Who is providing the training?
  4. The expected cost of the training.
  5. The venue were training will take place and number of places available.
  6. The proposed date the training will take place.

If all the criteria are not met at the end of the training, NABSS reserves the right to withhold funding, so it is imperative that all the criteria are met and followed.