History and Aims

The National Association of British Schools in Spain – NABSS is an association of independent British schools which operate in Spain. As an association, NABSS is affiliated to the British Consulate in Spain.

It was founded in 1978 and since then, centres belonging to NABSS are completely authorized by the Ministry of Education in Spain, and acknowledged by the British Consulate and their official inspectors. The association regularly inspects its schools and offers training to the Directors and teachers of its member schools. NABSS also holds an annual conference.

In order for a school to be a member of NABSS, they must fulfil the criteria of `Britishness´ published on this website and achieve full authorisation, via British inspection, from the appropriate Spanish authorities.
The rigour of the NABSS inspection system, and of the authorisation process itself, provides a yardstick for parents and teachers, who are  choosing schools in Spain.

The National Association of British Schools in Spain insists on regular inspection of member schools and provides continuous professional training for Heads and teachers throughout Spain.

Nabss is held in high regard by both the Spanish and British educational authorities and is consulted on new developments. The Association enjoys a very strong relationship with the British Council in Spain, and Council members sit on the Inspection Monitoring Committee.


Represent and defend the interests of member schools

To uphold the prestige of British education

Develop the spirit of collaboration among member schools

To promote, maintain and defend British education and co-operate with the British Council, Spanish Ministry and other authorities regarding legalisation relating to foreign schools in Spain.

Provide a legal, administrative and accounting service for the Association

Promote educational and cultural events as well as publishing educational materials related to British education

To support the professional development of staff in NABSS schools.

To provide an effective inspection service.

NABSS´ schools base the pupils´ studies on the National Curriculum, employ fully qualified staff, and are expected to follow standard British practice in teaching and learning, leadership and management etc (see document of `Britishness´). Students and staff in NABSS´ schools benefit from the multilingual and culturally diverse environment of British schools in Spain. Pupils are well prepared for life in an increasingly complex world.

NABSS´ schools offering the whole age range are required to run a broad selection of GCSE, AS and A level courses, or the International Baccalaureate, and to prepare students for university entry in Spain or the UK. The Spanish authorities give full recognition to A levels and grant direct access to Spanish universities for NABSS´ students with the appropriate A level passes.

An elected committee of Head teachers and owners of NABSS´ schools is responsible for the general management of the Association and its inspection service. Members are also kept up- to-date with all relevant legislation, both in Spain and the UK.

As NABSS is a membership organisation, all queries and requests for information should initially be directed to the individual member schools. The NABSS´ website lists all schools both alphabetically and by geographical area. Each school site contains full information regarding contact names, e-mail and site addresses and telephone numbers. Many schools can be contacted via a link to their own websites.