2019 NABSS Conference

British Education,
a World of Opportunities



On behalf of the NABSS executive committee I would like to welcome you to the 41st NABSS annual conference here in Valencia.

Our association continues to grow and with it, our annual conference. This year we are proud to be offering you a larger range of workshops, keynote presentations and breakout sessions than in any previous NABSS conference. Our exhibition hall also continues, each year, to host a larger number of the educational resource and services providers that are so essential to our schools.

We are counting once again on the support and collaboration of the key organisations with whom we work and on whom we depend. Therefore, I would like to thank the British Embassy, the British Council, ACADE, Pearson Education and Cambridge Assessment International. All of these have not only made important contributions to this conference but have worked closely with us throughout the last year in our efforts to represent the interests of British schools in Spain.

In this year’s professional development programme, we are counting on the services of Dragonfly Training for the majority of the workshops. We are delighted to also be joined by Jenny Mosely and Karine George as speakers and workshop presenters.

Some of our guests, who will be presenting keynote or breakout sessions, are now well known to us, while others are with us for the first time at this conference. I would like to welcome, and to thank, Brenda Taggart, Peter Monteath, David Díaz Lima, Sonja Uhlmann, David Fletcher, Lisa Lalor, Lynn Fox, Kevin Hiatt, Lynn Parkinson and Stella James.

Thanks to all of you who have stands at the exhibition. You are a highly valued and essential part of our conference and some of you have coming back to us now for many years. A special mention to Vilimi, who have sponsored the prizes for this year’s NABSS competition. Thank you also to Hatton events for their logistic support and, finally, I want to thank the NABSS executive committee for the uncountable hours dedicated to bringing this all together and making the conference a success.

I hope this year’s conference lives up to all of your expectations. We have tried to create a small “world of opportunities” so that you can learn something new, feel inspired, pick up some good ideas, ask a lot of questions, or simply make some useful contacts. And of course, we hope that all of this will have a positive impact on that much larger “world of opportunities” that we are all trying to create on a daily basis for the children in our schools.

Enjoy the conference, and please don’t forget to tell us afterwards what you thought of it.