General terms of use for the website

The purpose of this document is to establish and regulate the terms of use of the website (henceforth termed the “Site”), the term Site is understood to include all the pages and contents that are the property of NABSS and can be accessed through the domain and all its sub-domains.

Use of the Site confer User status and implies acceptance of all the terms included in this Legal Notice. The User agrees to carefully read this Legal Notice every time he would like to use the Site, as both the content of the Legal Notice and its terms of use may undergo modifications.

  1. Website Ownership

The owner of this Site is NABSS

You may contact us via the following e-mail address:

  1. Intellectual and Industrial Property

NABSS owns the rights to the intellectual property on this Site

Unauthorized reproduction, distribution, sale or transformation in whole or in part of the Site contents constitutes violation of NABSS intellectual property ownership rights unless it is carried out for private and personal use. Furthermore, all trademarks or distinctive symbols of any kind found on the Site are protected by the Law. Unauthorized use of the information contained on this Site, as well as any damage incurred on NABBS intellectual and industrial property ownership rights, can prompt subsequent legal actions and, if necessary, the responsibility derived from these actions.

  1. Liability Disclaimer.

The contents, programs, information and/or suggestions expressed on this Site are of a merely advisory nature. NABBS will not be liable for the efficiency or accuracy of the above mentioned contents, and is therefore exempt from any contractual or extra-contractual responsibility towards Users who make use thereof, as it is their individual responsibility to evaluate the suitability of this information according to their personal criteria.

This Site may publish contents from third parties, NABSS will not be liable for the authenticity and accuracy of these contents, and is therefore exempt of any contractual or extra-contractual responsibility towards Users who make use thereof.

NABSS reserves the right to alter the contents of the Site without giving prior notice and without any restrictions.

It also declines responsibility for any eventual damage or harm that could be caused due to lack of availability or continuity of this Site and the services offered therein.

NABSS does not guarantee the absence of virus or other elements on the website that could cause alterations to your computer system. NABSS declines any contractual or extra-contractual responsibility towards Users who use the Site and received harm of any kind cause by computer viruses or any other computer elements.

NABSS declines any liability for services that could eventually be offered on the Site by third parties.

NABBS rejects liability for any of the services and/or information offered on other Sites linked to their Site. NABSS does not monitor or carry out any supervision of third party Web Sites. We advise Users to exercise precaution and consult the eventual legal notices displayed on these Web Sites.

Users who send any kind of information to NABSS undertake to ensure its accuracy and that it does not violate any third party rights or the current legislation.

  1. User Portal Terms of Use

Access to the Web Site is free except for the cost of connection through the telecommunications network provided by the service provider contracted by the user.

Use of the Site in order to harm the property or interests of NABSS or any other third parties, or which overload, harm or render useless the networks, servers and other computer hardware, software or other products belonging to NABSS or other third parties is expressly forbidden.

In the event that a User becomes aware that the Sites linked to the Web Sites lead to pages whose contents or services are illegal, harmful, degrading, violent or immoral, we would appreciate they please contact NABSS.

  1. Personal Data Protection Policy.

By clicking on the following link you will find more detailed information regarding our personal data protection policy.

This Legal Notice is thoroughly governed by the Spanish Law in each and every facet.

  1. Contact

If you have any enquiries regarding the terms stated in this Legal Notice, or if you would like to make a suggestion or recommendation please contact us via the following e-mail address: